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innerlight warrior

I struggled for years with this word ‘Lightworker‘.  I just could not understand it but now I do thankfully.  So what is a ‘Lightworker’?  Well, do you help people?  Do you teach? Are you an humanitarian?  Are you a yoga teacher or healer?  Are you a doctor, a nurse or carer? Do you write to empower people?  Do you have a passion for saving the planet?  Are you a raw food enthusiast?  Do you run your own publication that empowers people?  Do you teach health and fitness?  Constantly transforming energy?  People don’t understand you? Great news! You are a lightworker and a transformer!  Join me as I go about increasing light in a world that is getting darker.  You are needed to help create more light as ‘light overpowers darkness‘ just like ‘love overpowers hatred‘.  Never be afraid to be who you are, there is no right or wrong way, just follow what feels good to you and stay grounded in your own truths.  There is enough room for everyone and we can all learn something from each other even if you have heard it all before.  If you would like to share something and post on this site, feel free to contact me through ‘contacts’.  Look forward to connecting with you all.  Gifted Clara, innerlight x

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